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Supporting shelters during COVID-19: We are committed to supporting our shelter partners’ most critical needs as they face the dual responsibilities of protecting human health and saving animal lives through this crisis.

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Foster & Adopter Live Stream Support Webinars

Have you welcomed a foster or newly adopted pet? We’re here to help! We are hosting a webinar series to provide you with additional resources during your new adopter or foster journey. Check out upcoming webinars and previously recorded webinars below.

Kids Can Save Lives

Thursday, June 4 at 2 PM CST

Kids across the country are saving pet lives! Tune in for our family friendly Q&A with Roman! Roman is a lifesaving superstar who has saved thousands of lives through his work with Project Freedom Ride. He’ll share how kids can get involved in saving pets and share his experiences of working with animals at a young age.
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Previously Recorded Webinars

Foster Myths - DEBUNKED!

We teamed up with fosters from across the country to set the record straight! Watch fosters representing ten animal welfare organizations debunk some common foster myths. We cover qualifications to be a foster, what it's like to foster with your own pets in the home, tips for fostering with small spaces, cost barriers to becoming a foster, and MORE!

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Benefits of Fostering

Fostering opens up an additional spot at your local shelter or rescue to help even more animals. It also allows the pet to get used to home life and takes them away from the stress of a shelter. This allows a pet’s true personality to come out and shine. Plus, it can be a fun and educational experience for you and your family.

Find a Shelter or Rescue Near You

Shelters and Rescues across the nation are looking for foster parents for various pets in their care. Get in contact with your local shelter to see how you can help.

Can't Foster But Want To Help?

If fostering isn’t possible for you right now, don’t worry. You can still help save lives by donating today!

Fosters to Follow
Fosters to Follow


New Jersey duo Xin + Gary and their 8 adopted pets are true lifesavers as they volunteer, foster and transport pets in need from New Jersey and beyond!



Lisa is a dedicated lifesaver based out of Florida. Follow her foster journey as she fosters both an adult cat and a canine mama and her babies for the first time!



You won't want to miss out on the antics of Pig, Seal and their rotating foster friends! This family is full of entertainers - and lifesavers! Follow along for some fostering fun.


Foster Resources #ThankstoMaddie

Maddies Foster Flash Classes

Flash Classes give you all the information you need to provide the best care for your foster pet in a condensed, to-the-point format.

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How to Market Your Foster Pet

Check out these six guidelines from some of our favorite foster caregivers and coordinators to market your foster pet!

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Learn How to Speak Cat

Knowing how to read a cat's body language can tell us volumes about what he or she is trying to say to us.

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