Disaster Relief

Supporting shelters during COVID-19: We are committed to supporting our shelter partners’ most critical needs as they face the dual responsibilities of protecting human health and saving animal lives through this crisis.


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Disaster Relief

The Petco Foundation team proactively reaches out to our partner organizations to inquire about and support their preparation needs when disasters threaten. We stand ready to support longer-term recovery and relief efforts as they unfold.

Thankfully, the local community often steps in to help animals but there are longer-term impacts of these disasters. The Petco Foundation is here to support recovery like we did following the California Wildfires, Hurricane Harvey, Florence, Irma, Baton Rouge flooding, and most recently during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Supporting Shelters During COVID-19

Animal shelters are facing the business impacts of COVID-19: staffing shortages, potential slowdown in adoptions, in some cases an increase in animals coming in, and potential government-imposed shutdowns.

When your business is saving animal lives, the consequences of a business failure are devastating.

But it is within our control to solve this problem. Now is the time to step up and help. We are all in this together. We the community can solve this—just adopt or foster one pet.

Foster Pets in Your Community

Now is the time to step up and help shelters in our communities – adopt or foster a pet. Our response to this crisis will decide whether animals are euthanized or saved.

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hurricane laura

Prior to the storm’s arrival, the Petco Foundation partnered with Houston PetSet and Wings of Rescue to evacuate 130 animals out of Hurricane Laura’s path to loving homes in Virginia.

hurricane harvey

With rescuers bringing in more pets daily and flooding still impacting the region, SPCA of Brazoria County faces a long road to recovery.

bayou animal services

Thanks to your support, we were able to provide Bayou Animal Services with a lifesaving investment today.

how we've helped


• Adopt or foster a pet to help free up space at shelters.

Donate today! Either directly to an affected organization or to the Petco Foundation at checkout in a Petco store or online. Donations to the Petco Foundation allow us to provide support to animal welfare organizations when and where it is needed most to save animal lives.

• Spread the word about Finding Rover, an app that helps reunite lost pets with their pet parents.

how our partners are helping

reunite pets with their families

Finding Rover is a facial recognition app used by shelters and community members to reunite pets with their families.

Are you searching for your pet after a disaster? Upload a photo of your missing pet today.

Did you find a pet during a disaster? Upload a photo of the pet you found before taking him or her to your local animal welfare organization.

are you an animal welfare organization seeking support?

Petco Foundation’s disaster relief program provides support in the event of a natural disaster such as a hurricane, flood, tornado, fire, earthquake or other act of nature.

Large-scale cruelty seizures and hoarding cases, although challenging situations for animal shelters, do not fall within the disaster relief program. In these cases, organizations are encouraged to plan ahead for diverse situations they may face each year and apply for support through our normal application cycles for animal welfare organizations.

When a natural disaster occurs the Petco Foundation’s disaster relief application will be open for submissions. Use the button above, log in and when you get to your dashboard, click on the blue “apply” button to access the Disaster Relief application if available.