Siri the Hearing Dog

From Homeless to Hero

every gift saves lives

every gift saves lives

Kaitlyn + Siri

Siri’s life changed when Service Dogs, Inc. found her in an animal shelter outside of Houston, TX, and immediately recognized her potential.

After an evaluation to see if she would be a good fit for their program, Service Dogs, Inc. knew Siri would make an exceptional hearing dog when she displayed an intense interest in sound.

"Service Dogs, Inc, immediately put Siri’s big ears to work, training her as a Hearing Dog for individuals with hearing impairments."

Matched with Kaitlyn McCormick, Siri is trained to alert Kaitlyn of the things she cannot hear. Whether it’s a phone ringing or other more serious sound, like a smoke detector or sirens from an emergency vehicle, Kaitlyn is more aware of her surroundings thanks to Siri’s help.

“Siri is a hero because she has given me my freedom back,” said Kaitlyn. “Because of her, I’m able to live alone. I like to jog and could never do it before without being afraid. Now, I am able to jog outside without fear.”