Officer Carr’s Story

K9 Police Officer Returns to Work after Rare Cancer

Sergeant Parks + Officer Carr

“One of best things about having a police dog as your partner is you can have the best conversations in the world,” says Sergeant Jim Parks of Fort Morgan Police Department in Fort Morgan, Colorado, “You get to do all the talking, and your partner never argues back.”

September 2016, Parks found a large lump on Carr’s side while playing with him. He took Carr to the Fort Morgan Animal Clinic where the doctor removed the lump and sent it to CSU for biopsy.

"The biopsy results revealed Carr had pilomatricoma – a rare cancer associated with the hair follicles."


Photo Credit:Jenni Grubbs/ Fort Morgan Times

Parks didn’t notice the silence though, until Carr, his six-year-old police dog and partner, was out on medical leave for four months.

The biopsy results revealed Carr had pilomatricoma – a rare cancer associated with the hair follicles. Parks took Carr to CSU for further evaluation, which revealed no major concerns except for a susceptible lymph node. CSU recommended it be removed and offered a Pet Health Treatment grant to the police department to cover Carr’s second surgery.

Everyone worried about Carr’s health

So naturally, everyone from the police department to Parks’ wife and kids worried until the biopsy results came in. “It was a big relief for everyone when we learned the lymph node didn’t have cancer,” says Parks.

Family spoils dog before he returns to work

While Carr recovered from his two surgeries, the Parks family spoiled their dog. They switched to wet food and bought him more toys than usual. In January, Carr was ready to end his sabbatical and return to work.

“He started to whine when I left without him,” says Parks.” I’ve got my partner back thanks to the care he received at CSU and the financial assistance from the Pet Cancer Awareness campaign. Four months is a long time not to have your partner by your side.”

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