Finn the Therapy Dog

From Homeless to Hero

every gift saves lives

every gift saves lives

Erin + Finn

Before joining the UCLA Health People-Animal Connection (PAC) program, which brings therapy animals and hospital patients together, Finn, a Great Pyrenees/lab mix, was a stray.

After passing the Delta Society’s (now Pet Partners) evaluation and registering as an animal-assisted therapy team, the duo started volunteering at the UCLA Health Ronald Reagan Medical Center. They have continued to do so for over four years, visiting patients and staff, and bringing smiles to the hospital’s geriatric and pediatric psychiatric wings.

"From the start, Finn’s adopter knew he’d be a great therapy dog because of his calm and sweet demeanor."

“Through the process of serving others, Finn has improved his own life—it’s full circle,” said Erin Rice, Finn’s owner. “Inspired by the impact that Finn had on the patients he visited, I made a career change and am serving as Director of the UCLA Health People-Animal Connection (PAC) program while my husband now volunteers with Finn.”