Steve and Kate + Edith Ann

Rock Star Cat Fights Three Bouts with Cancer

Steve + Edith Ann

Steve and his wife, Kate, adopted Edith Ann in April 2014. Edith took to her new pet parents right away, jumping on both their laps and rubbing up against them and purring. Steve and Kate were hooked, and they were ready to give her lots of love and attention.

"She was a goofy little thing. She became Edith Ann within a few days and answered to her new expanded name quickly"

She was constantly by their sides (or on their laps). She slept between Steve and Kate most nights, or on Steve’s chest, until she was sure they weren’t going anywhere.

Five months after adopting Edith Ann, Steve and Kate got a text from their cat sitter, who also happened to be a tech at their veterinarian’s office. She informed them that Edith Ann had a mammary mass and needed to be seen by the vet as soon as possible.

Edith Ann Pet Cancer Awareness

A vet visit revealed that Edith Ann had cancer.

“Neither of us had ever had a pet with cancer before. Needless to say, we were scared out of our wits,” said Steve.

She underwent a full right chain mastectomy, and after recovery and follow up testing was declared cancer free.

She remained in remission with regular exams until summer 2018 when a lump appeared under her right armpit. It seemed like a fat deposit at first, but then started to grow rapidly. Their local vet surgically removed the lump, and a biopsy showed it to be malignant and likely metastatic.

Edith Ann Pet Cancer Awareness

“It was at this point that Penn Vet along with the Petco Foundation and Blue Buffalo came to our rescue!” said Steve. “They went out of their way to not let paying for treatment be a stumbling block when we were really struggling about Edith having cancer again. It was kind of like winning the lottery. We felt relieved.”

Steve and Kate would drive an hour and a half to three hours to take Edith Ann to appointments at the University of Pennsylvania, School of Veterinary Medicine. They would take her home and were also a big part of her care team.

“She is a huge part of our family,” said Kate. “Just to know that there are people who treat her like I would, just knowing I still get to see her is the most important thing in the world – that she’s here with a good quality of life.”

Edith Ann Pet Cancer Awareness

Although Edith Ann entered remission following her second cancer treatment, the cancer came back a third time late 2018. Steve and Kate remain hopeful, and they’re thankful to the staff at the University of Pennsylvania, School of Veterinary Medicine for being so caring toward Edith Ann and considerate to them as pet parents.

“We call her our little rock star and she is,” said Steve.

The Petco Foundation and Blue Buffalo are proud to celebrate 10 years of fighting pet cancer. Thanks to more than $15 million in donations raised during the Pet Cancer Awareness campaign, the Petco Foundation is able to partner with organizations like Pet Partners to help pet parents afford the costs of pet cancer treatment.

Make a donation today to join the fight.

If your pet has been diagnosed with pet cancer and you need assistance with the cost of care, please see our Pet Cancer Resource Guide featuring some of the organizations providing help thanks to the Pet Cancer Awareness campaign.