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Steve and Kate + Edith Ann

Edith Ann Pet Cancer Awareness

Steve and his wife, Kate, adopted Edith Ann in April 2014. Edith took to her new pet parents right away, jumping on both their laps and rubbing up against them and purring. Steve and Kate were hooked, and they were ready to give her lots of love and attention. [petco-story-quote]… Read more »

Adopted Kitten Saves His Mom’s Life

Shortly after adoption, Merrick’s meows woke his mom up when her blood sugar fell too low during sleep. [petco-story-quote] Back in November 2017, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. in which my body attacks and kills cells in my pancreas, and it is now unable to produce insulin. Also… Read more »

Dog’s Love of the Ocean Helps Adopter Heal

When Sophia’s mother passed away from cancer, the love of a little surfing puppy helped her heal, and became the last story she and her mother shared. [petco-story-quote] It was June of 2015 when my beloved dog Brian passed away at nearly 14 years old. I still remember the day… Read more »

Adopted Dog Helps Survivor Feel Safe Again

After surviving a violent crime, Natalie suffered from PTSD and depression. Then Mugsy the dog came along and helped Natalie heal. [petco-story-quote] My name is Natalie Johnson, and I’m a survivor of a violent crime. This is my story about a magnificent rescue dog named Mugsy who was given a… Read more »

For One Veteran, an Adopted Husky is the Path to Healing

Gary was battling PTSD and depression when he met a three-legged Husky named Trey, who helped him learn how to heal. [petco-story-quote] I had just come out of being released from an inpatient treatment for depression and suicidal ideology (and attempt). I was barely capable of taking care of myself… Read more »

Dog Inspires Adopter to Pursue New Lifesaving Career

Adopting Bijou inspired Izzy to help save the lives of other shelter pets. [petco-story-quote] Everyone says she has the best dog in the world—and everyone is right. When I first met Bijou, she was barking at me behind the bars of her kennel cage. A newly trained volunteer at City… Read more »

Dog with Neurological Disorder Finds the Perfect Family to Help Her Thrive

Tilly was born with a neurological disorder, but found the perfect pet parents to help her thrive. [petco-story-quote] Change is hard. I’m not sure I know many people who eagerly await big changes. Adopting a dog brings change: in our case, our dog has completely changed our lives. Adopting wasn’t… Read more »

Adopted Dog Saves Orphaned Kitten

An adopted dog pays it forward by helping a tiny kitten survive. [petco-story-quote] Recently engaged, with a new apartment and wedding planning in full swing, we walked up to the Coastal German Shepherd Rescue adoption event ready to add a little more chaos to our freshly started life together. Instead… Read more »

Adopted Greyhound Becomes a Beacon of Hope After Tragedy

A rescued Greyhound becomes a therapy dog, and works with her teen best friend to offer comfort and hope in the wake of the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. [petco-story-quote] I was inspired to adopt a Greyhound after watching a presentation on the dangers of Greyhound racing at… Read more »

Molly the Therapy Bunny Helps High School Students Thrive

Adopted bunny helps her Special Education classmate learn, grow, and thrive. [petco-story-quote] Meet Miss Molly! Her residence is classroom #606 at Liberty High School in Liberty, Missouri. My name is Crystal Bosch, and I teach Special Education. A majority of the students on my caseload have Autism Spectrum Disorders. As… Read more »