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Cancer Survivor Helps Her Cat Fight the Disease

“Sammi is a quirky cat,” said Michele. “She rarely walks, she always has her tail up and zips around the house. She just makes me laugh.” Michele and her husband, Michael adopted Sammi in 2016 after her previous owner passed away. [petco-story-quote] Michele thought something might be wrong when Sammi… Read more »

No Distance is Too Far for Beloved Family Companion

Crystal met Baba Ganoush after he was abandoned in Jacksonville, Florida. They were immediately inseparable and when it was time for Crystal to move to Oak Harbor, Washington, Baba moved with her. [petco-story-quote] Baba had become Crystal’s loyal companion during her husband’s deployments. As a military spouse, she relied on… Read more »

Dog and Owner Help Each Other Overcome Cancer

When Chance was diagnosed with cancer at 12-years-old, Lauren knew what he was going through. More than a decade earlier, Chance had stood by Lauren as she fought and beat breast cancer. Lauren was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006 and Chance was her comfort throughout treatment. “He was a… Read more »

Dog’s Resilience Inspires a Boy, Enriches a Family

“I don’t want a dog!” I said these words for years. Being the mother of four children ranging in age from four to 12, I had no desire for more work on my plate. And yet, the begging and negotiating from my children was never-ending. Years went by and I… Read more »

“Bad” Dog Helps Woman Find the Good in Herself

Darla came to me when I needed her most. I had gone down a dark path for more than a decade. Drugs and a bad relationship. I had given up hope on myself and any chance of a good life right about the time I laid eyes on her. [petco-story-quote]… Read more »

Family Has Adopted Many Pets, but Only One Hero

The following is written by my daughter, Isabelle Koslin: I am very grateful that our lives are blessed by our animals. Animals are family to us. My mom, Heather Thomas, is always rescuing wild animals and strays from the streets. She has stopped traffic for not only cats and dogs,… Read more »

Beagle Mix Helps Runner Get Back on Her Feet

I’m an avid runner. Last year, I ended up suffering a herniated disc a few months before I was scheduled to run the Walt Disney World Marathon. I was upset and in constant pain, but I was trying to work through the injury with physical therapy and get back to… Read more »

Adopted Kittens Help Grieving Family Find Hope Again

2017: Birthday. Tears. Death. Life. Love. Sigh. In January, I canceled my son’s tenth birthday while my husband was lying in a hospital bed. In February, my two sons and I held each other as we sent their beloved papa to Heaven. In March, we said goodbye to our dog… Read more »

Young Dog Brings New Life to Senior Community

Victory Centre of Bartlett has always been a pet-friendly senior community and a big supporter of Anderson Animal Shelter. Our See Spot Retire companion program offers dogs a new lease on life and affords residents meaningful relationships, stress relief, and better overall health and wellness. When it came time to… Read more »

Tiny Puppy Teaches 10-Year-Old About Big Responsibility

This is a paper that Aimee’s 10-year-old daughter submitted for school on the topic: “Write about something that Impacted You.” A Dream Come True For two years, I have had a dream of getting a dog. My parents were not excited about the idea. They said I was not responsible… Read more »