Love Stories Tag: loss

Patty + Mokey

In 2007, after losing my 17-year-old black cat, I agreed to foster a litter of kittens from Town Cats of Morgan Hill to cheer up the household. “Only two or three,” I told the shelter. “No black kittens.” I ended up with six black kittens. They were born in a… Read more »

Brock Marie + Hoxton

I never stopped being afraid of the boogeyman. So much so, that when we rebuilt the interior of our home two years ago, I refused to let our contractor put in closet doors. My bedroom closets are pleasant, well-lit little alcoves, where I can see all the way to the… Read more »

Kristine + Bogey

Bogey hasn’t rescued anyone from a burning building, and he doesn’t care if you need a good cuddle. But he did heal our hearts after the loss of our kitty, Boo. Like many people, we dreamed of traveling after retirement. We bought a small motor home so that we could… Read more »

Vic + Dixie

When Dixie became a part of our family, two souls got rescued — Dixie’s and my husband Vic’s. Dixie was an owner-surrender at a shelter where my sister volunteered. Despite personally taking her to adoption events, no one adopted her. My sister thought she might be just the dog Vic… Read more »

Terry + Priya

Priya’s story begins with the loss of another dog, Cooper. Cooper was our constant companion, my hiking dog and a therapy dog who worked with disabled children. When she passed at 12 years of age, we thought our hearts would break, and no other dog could ever replace what we… Read more »

Janet + Becky

It was written in the stars. We just didn’t know then that a little, 35-pound ball of appreciation had been waiting for us to be ready for her. The loss of our son in March 2015 was followed by the loss of our precious Dallas, our 12-year-old English Springer Spaniel,… Read more »

George + Colson

Until nine years ago, I always had at least one dog in my life. Because of my schedule, personal life, and traveling—and the emotional attachment of my last dog—I went years without a dog in my life. On Sunday, March 13, 2016, however, a series of events changed all that… Read more »

Bruce + Sandy

The first time I saw Sandy was in a photo that my daughter, Leanne, texted to me with the question: “Want to foster?” Leanne had succeeded several years ago in convincing my late wife, Kathy, to adopt Muffin, who we decided would be our retirement dog. But after Kathy and… Read more »

Joanne + Freddie

When Freddie and I go for our daily strolls around the retirement community where we live, people love to ask “How’s Freddie?” They pet Freddie, and he loves the attention. So, how did I become the assistant to such a local celebrity? Like many cat adoption tales, it begins with… Read more »