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Carolyn + Buzz

Buzz joined our family in April 2008 when he was 4 months old. He had come to Central Texas Dachshund Rescue from someone who purchased him at a flea market, and he was in a small cage full of other dachshund puppies that were all trying to get to the… Read more »

Maria + Peanut

In 2011, I was sentenced to two years incarceration at Ohio Reformatory for Women (ORW) and I truly felt like it was the end of the world. I had hit rock bottom, was bitter and angry. While incarcerated it was suggested to me to join the Second Chance Greyhound Program… Read more »

Nadiya + Clara

Clara was definitely supposed to be a part of our family. She is a fury angel who watches over our child and keeps her safe. This abandoned German Shepherd mix had an important destiny to be a seizure alert dog for a very special child. Our daughter Nadiya is severely… Read more »

Carole + Titan

We adopted Titan in the spring of 2011. My husband and I thought we were rescuing Titan, but as it turned out, he did more for us than we would even imagine and, in a way, rescued us. My husband, Don, was being treated for cancer when Titan came into… Read more »

Bob + Frankie

There isn’t much of a reason to smile in our house. My husband, Bob, has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s dementia and independence is now a distant memory. No driving, no walking alone, no enjoyment, and help needed with everything. When asked if he would like to get a cat the… Read more »

Meghan + Flynn

I attempted suicide on September 4, 2014. My heart stopped twice, my kidneys failed, and I only survived because of “sheer luck” as my attending physicians said. I asked my husband if we could get a cat if I made it through the recovery, and he said yes. Two days… Read more »

Linda + Brindy

I have Multiple Sclerosis (MS), and thought that a service dog would be a great asset to me. After learning that it takes 2-4 years to get a pre-trained dog, and since I’ve always enjoyed animal training, I decided to train my own service dog. I started by compiling a list… Read more »

Taylor + Daisy

I wasn’t expecting to adopt a cat the day I walked into the Jacksonville Humane Society. I have a habit of visiting the shelter just to cuddle with cute kittens and play with puppies but when I saw a little white fluff of a kitten, I knew I had to… Read more »

Laurie + Blue

I did not need a dog. I could travel on a moment’s notice. I could wear black without using a lint brush. A dog would only complicate things. So what was I even doing at the animal shelter? “I am only looking,” I told the kind woman as I signed… Read more »

Kacie + Maple

On January 11, 2012, my life changed. I had visited Northwoods Humane Society on several occasions searching for a spaniel or a retriever, but this time the pitbull in the corner sitting patiently with her head tilted asking, “Pet me?”, caught my eye. She was found tied up and abandoned… Read more »