Love Stories Tag: Foster

Betty + Foster Kittens

Over the course of a truly terrible year, I endured several devastating losses – my husband Jim, my son Allen, my aunt Helen, my 21-year-old cat Sundance, my 16-year-old dog Bonnie and my 16-year-old bird Ochi all died that year. I had an extremely hard time dealing with these losses…. Read more »

Bruce + Sandy

The first time I saw Sandy was in a photo that my daughter, Leanne, texted to me with the question: “Want to foster?” Leanne had succeeded several years ago in convincing my late wife, Kathy, to adopt Muffin, who we decided would be our retirement dog. But after Kathy and… Read more »

Maria + Peanut

In 2011, I was sentenced to two years incarceration at Ohio Reformatory for Women (ORW) and I truly felt like it was the end of the world. I had hit rock bottom, was bitter and angry. While incarcerated it was suggested to me to join the Second Chance Greyhound Program… Read more »