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Donaldson Kids + Cooper

My story starts simply: our kids love dogs. Our sweet lab, Buck, had been gone several years when our kids began asking on an ever-increasing basis if we could get another dog. “I’ll never ask for anything ever again,” promised Alex. “Come and see this PowerPoint presentation we made (‘Why… Read more »

Jody + Service Dog Justice

My daughter Jody was born with epilepsy and was homeschooled because of her uncontrolled seizures. A doctor told us a service dog would help her lead a more productive life. A service dog, however, can cost $10,000 to $30,000, so Jody took classes for two years to learn to train a… Read more »

Erinne + Groucho

Many people say they rescued their pet. But Groucho, a pit bull, rescued our Erinne, who was 12-years-old at the time. Erinne has a terminal illness, Lou Gehrig’s disease for little kids, which slowly robs her of her ability to walk, sit up, feed herself, write her name and even… Read more »

Alodie + Tripp

When we adopted Tripp from Angels Among Us in 2014, his foster mom said our boy really wanted his own family. Watching Tripp run around our house for the first time, I agreed. He seemed delighted with his new home. [petco-story-quote] Tripp was our sixth rescue, and by this point,… Read more »

Sydney + Carlee

Once upon a time, there were four children whose world crashed down around them. As they tried to pick up the pieces, there was always one piece missing. Little did they know that there was a furry little girl whose world was crashing down around her too. She was missing… Read more »

Lexi + Charlie

There are two parts to this story. Last April, a volunteer with Independent Animal Rescue spotted kittens climbing in and out of a dumpster. The dumpster was scheduled to be emptied the next morning. To reach the kittens, volunteers painstakingly pulled the trash from the dumpster. [petco-story-quote] Hours later, they rescued a… Read more »

Lucy + Pete

My husband and I are dog people. But this story is the about a kitten “for the kids” who ended up changing all our lives, including our family dog. When we adopted Pete from Forever Home Rescue, it was because of our kids, ages three and six, kept saying that our… Read more »

Vi, Savannah + Minnie

My husband and I have two daughters, and we share our home with two adopted dogs and an adopted cat. A couple of years ago, I started a garden to grow some fresh herbs and vegetables. Our oldest daughter, who is now six, loves to pick tomatoes and other veggies… Read more »

Dax + Molly

I was scrolling through Facebook late one night. At the time, my little six-year-old was undergoing extensive medical testing. There was no end in sight. My poor child felt terrible every day. While searching desperately for answers to his medical dilemma and trying to ease my mind of worry, a… Read more »

Johnny + Lexi

Life can be challenging, especially raising a medically-fragile child. So, what joy to see that within minutes of bringing home a five-month-old rescued puppy, the quality of our son’s life was enriched dramatically. [petco-story-quote] Our son, Johnny, was born with severe Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy. He cannot breathe on his own,… Read more »