Love Stories Tag: Cancer

Brenda +Crawford

I can’t tell you why I suddenly started thinking about adopting a rabbit. My husband and I had been happily pet-free for several years. But we found Crawford at the Ohio House Rabbit Rescue, and he joined our family just before Christmas in 2014. From the very first day, he… Read more »

Carole + Titan

We adopted Titan in the spring of 2011. My husband and I thought we were rescuing Titan, but as it turned out, he did more for us than we would even imagine and, in a way, rescued us. My husband, Don, was being treated for cancer when Titan came into… Read more »

Taylor + Daisy

I wasn’t expecting to adopt a cat the day I walked into the Jacksonville Humane Society. I have a habit of visiting the shelter just to cuddle with cute kittens and play with puppies but when I saw a little white fluff of a kitten, I knew I had to… Read more »