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Puppy Proves That Being Different Doesn’t Hold You Back

One night after walking dogs at City Dogs Cleveland, I was asked to give a six-month-old pit bull puppy a short break from kennel life. Apparently, Acorn had taken to throwing his metal water bowl against the concrete sides of his kennel 24/7, driving both the other dogs and the staff absolutely… Read more »

Two Hearts

The feeling of hopelessness is all too familiar to me. As a child, I was plagued by a series of peculiar problems: the inability to run and play like the others, the occasional fainting spell, constant fatigue. It wasn’t until my first Transient Ischemic Attack (aka mini stroke) that I… Read more »

Brenda +Crawford

I can’t tell you why I suddenly started thinking about adopting a rabbit. My husband and I had been happily pet-free for several years. But we found Crawford at the Ohio House Rabbit Rescue, and he joined our family just before Christmas in 2014. From the very first day, he… Read more »

Guinnevere + Tubs

More than three years ago, I volunteered to photograph shelter animals twice a week at the Humane Society of Utah to help get animals adopted. Tubs was a happy 18-month-old bully mix who came to the shelter as a stray. He had been adopted and returned to the shelter two… Read more »

Alodie + Tripp

When we adopted Tripp from Angels Among Us in 2014, his foster mom said our boy really wanted his own family. Watching Tripp run around our house for the first time, I agreed. He seemed delighted with his new home. [petco-story-quote] Tripp was our sixth rescue, and by this point,… Read more »

Dax + Molly

I was scrolling through Facebook late one night. At the time, my little six-year-old was undergoing extensive medical testing. There was no end in sight. My poor child felt terrible every day. While searching desperately for answers to his medical dilemma and trying to ease my mind of worry, a… Read more »