Love Stories Tag: 50k winner

Jessica + Dakota

In the fall of 2014, after three years of syncope (fainting) and seizure episodes, I was diagnosed with Dysautonomia (an abnormality of the autonomic nervous system). Until then, the episodes had been attributed to stress and trauma. After being removed from my family at age 16, I had been homeless… Read more »

Roman + PomPom

Roman is autistic. He never asked for presents, and he wasn’t interested in birthday parties. We had to beg Roman to open gifts with us on Christmas each year. Then three years ago, Roman declared he wanted a “white bunny” for Christmas – and a stuffed toy would not do…. Read more »

Bruce + Sandy

The first time I saw Sandy was in a photo that my daughter, Leanne, texted to me with the question: “Want to foster?” Leanne had succeeded several years ago in convincing my late wife, Kathy, to adopt Muffin, who we decided would be our retirement dog. But after Kathy and… Read more »

Leo + Olive

Small dogs I encountered on the walking trail were always fuming with “little dog attitude.” To me, small dogs were yappy, attention-seeking, purse-riding, ankle-biters who would rather pee in the house than be drizzled by a raindrop or struck by a snowflake. As frequent companions of senior citizens willing to… Read more »

Carole + Titan

We adopted Titan in the spring of 2011. My husband and I thought we were rescuing Titan, but as it turned out, he did more for us than we would even imagine and, in a way, rescued us. My husband, Don, was being treated for cancer when Titan came into… Read more »

Bob + Frankie

There isn’t much of a reason to smile in our house. My husband, Bob, has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s dementia and independence is now a distant memory. No driving, no walking alone, no enjoyment, and help needed with everything. When asked if he would like to get a cat the… Read more »

Kacie + Maple

On January 11, 2012, my life changed. I had visited Northwoods Humane Society on several occasions searching for a spaniel or a retriever, but this time the pitbull in the corner sitting patiently with her head tilted asking, “Pet me?”, caught my eye. She was found tied up and abandoned… Read more »