Love Stories Tag: 10k winner

Patty + Mokey

In 2007, after losing my 17-year-old black cat, I agreed to foster a litter of kittens from Town Cats of Morgan Hill to cheer up the household. “Only two or three,” I told the shelter. “No black kittens.” I ended up with six black kittens. They were born in a… Read more »

Cory + Bonnie

In 2012, my wife, Jessica, and I moved back to northern Michigan after spending eight years in the U.S. Army. Jessica and I were high school sweethearts and moving back home was a unanimous decision for both of us. During my time in the military, I was deployed in Iraq… Read more »

Chris + Elliott

As a volunteer at a rural animal shelter, I cleaned cat kennels, took photos and wrote bios for the animals looking to be adopted. I had no idea that writing the adoption bio for Elliott, a dog that had been at the shelter for over a year, would trigger my life’s work… Read more »

Kristine + Bogey

Bogey hasn’t rescued anyone from a burning building, and he doesn’t care if you need a good cuddle. But he did heal our hearts after the loss of our kitty, Boo. Like many people, we dreamed of traveling after retirement. We bought a small motor home so that we could… Read more »

Michael + Chewy

Before we got Chewy, our miniature schnauzer, I couldn’t understand why people got all emotional about dogs. But he’s helping me become more expressive and bringing our family closer together. I didn’t expect this, but he’s expanding my ways of being a dad. [petco-story-quote] I used to come home tired… Read more »

Jessica + Disney

After eight deployments in my 11-year Air Force career, including a final year in Afghanistan, I found myself in the most difficult transition of my life. After the most intense experience of my career, I arrived home with an unexpected and overwhelming feeling of loneliness and depression that I was… Read more »

Amber + Ariel

From the moment I saw her blue and brown eyes, I knew Ariel had a sense of adventure in her. Together, Ariel and I discovered our love for the mountains, inspiring my dream of becoming a part of the Adirondack 46ers – a club dedicated to hikers who have summited all 46… Read more »

Sheryl + Oscar

Five years ago, I died. My heart stopped at Penn Station in New York City, and I was dead. The New York Police Department revived me, and I ended up having triple bypass surgery. My recovery was difficult and I was out of work for months. I had no energy,… Read more »

Christina + Eli

It’s a warm summer Saturday afternoon, and I’ve just received a package in the mail. It’s a Hawaiian shirt. It’s horribly garish but in all the right ways. Your eye doesn’t know what to look at first: the tall, leafy palm trees; the powerboats surging forward, their frothy wake trailing… Read more »