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A Fearless Kid, a Facebook Post, and a Friendship for the Ages

I was wrapping up my day, making dinner and getting settled in, when my phone alerted me that a friend had tagged me in a post on Facebook. It was a video from an animal welfare organization in Sacramento. As the video about a sweet and playful pit bull named Logan… Read more »

Adopted Cat Has a Thirst for Adventure

Our story starts like thousands of others. We met at the Upper Peninsula Animal Welfare Society on a busy day in May of 2015. My attention was drawn to a crate carried by a foster parent as he brought in a litter of kittens who were finally ready for adoption. I peered… Read more »

Johnny + Lexi

Life can be challenging, especially raising a medically-fragile child. So, what joy to see that within minutes of bringing home a five-month-old rescued puppy, the quality of our son’s life was enriched dramatically. [petco-story-quote] Our son, Johnny, was born with severe Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy. He cannot breathe on his own,… Read more »

Curtis + Island

I have diabetes and always found it impossible to exercise regularly with my busy schedule. I was at a point where I just couldn’t make any progress on battling it. When our son, Doni, moved out and took his dog Matrix with him, my wife said we needed another dog…. Read more »