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Donaldson Kids + Cooper

My story starts simply: our kids love dogs. Our sweet lab, Buck, had been gone several years when our kids began asking on an ever-increasing basis if we could get another dog. “I’ll never ask for anything ever again,” promised Alex. “Come and see this PowerPoint presentation we made (‘Why… Read more »

Arnold + Scooter

Kahlua found us in late winter of 2016 at Spay and Save in Norristown, Pennsylvania. While staying with Chrissy Daniels, a dear friend who happens to be the president of Spay and Save, she mentioned she had a dog at the shelter, which was rare since they mostly handle cat adoptions. [petco-story-quote]… Read more »

Jamie + Lester

In his first week after adoption, standing in the doorway, I dropped a piece of camera equipment, sending him into a panic as he dodged between my feet and down the stairs in just under a second. A moment before he sped out of sight, he paused and looked back… Read more »