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Molly the Therapy Bunny Helps High School Students Thrive

Adopted bunny helps her Special Education classmate learn, grow, and thrive. [petco-story-quote] Meet Miss Molly! Her residence is classroom #606 at Liberty High School in Liberty, Missouri. My name is Crystal Bosch, and I teach Special Education. A majority of the students on my caseload have Autism Spectrum Disorders. As… Read more »

Adopted Bunny is a Dream Come True 5 Years in the Making

At age three, Will fell in love with a stuffed rabbit. Five years later, he adopted Oreo, whose sass and spirit had her hopping into her family’s heart. [petco-story-quote] It was a simple beginning as most beginnings go. My 3-year-old son, Will, came to help set up my classroom for… Read more »

Rabbit Earns an “A” from Her Grad Student Adopter

The minute I made the decision to attend graduate school, I knew I wanted to adopt a pet. I have always been an animal person. The five, pet-less years following my high school graduation had left a void in a heart. A month after moving into my Boston apartment, I was on… Read more »