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Steve and Kate + Edith Ann

Edith Ann Pet Cancer Awareness

Steve and his wife, Kate, adopted Edith Ann in April 2014. Edith took to her new pet parents right away, jumping on both their laps and rubbing up against them and purring. Steve and Kate were hooked, and they were ready to give her lots of love and attention. [petco-story-quote]… Read more »

Cancer Survivor Helps Her Cat Fight the Disease

“Sammi is a quirky cat,” said Michele. “She rarely walks, she always has her tail up and zips around the house. She just makes me laugh.” Michele and her husband, Michael adopted Sammi in 2016 after her previous owner passed away. [petco-story-quote] Michele thought something might be wrong when Sammi… Read more »

No Distance is Too Far for Beloved Family Companion

Crystal met Baba Ganoush after he was abandoned in Jacksonville, Florida. They were immediately inseparable and when it was time for Crystal to move to Oak Harbor, Washington, Baba moved with her. [petco-story-quote] Baba had become Crystal’s loyal companion during her husband’s deployments. As a military spouse, she relied on… Read more »

Dog and Owner Help Each Other Overcome Cancer

When Chance was diagnosed with cancer at 12-years-old, Lauren knew what he was going through. More than a decade earlier, Chance had stood by Lauren as she fought and beat breast cancer. Lauren was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006 and Chance was her comfort throughout treatment. “He was a… Read more »

Fraser’s Story

When Fraser was placed with Alex as his service dog, Alex knew that he would finally be able to realize his dream of living independently on his college campus. Fraser knew 60 commands that helped Alex get through his day. Fraser could pick up what Alex dropped, carry his belongings… Read more »

Kiss’ Story

Each May, the Petco Foundation teams up with Blue Buffalo and Petco for the Pet Cancer Awareness campaign to raise money to fight pet cancer. Because of the donations raised during this campaign, the Petco Foundation is able to partner with organizations like Pet Partners to help pet parents afford the costs of pet cancer treatment.

Gabe’s Story

Gabe, a four-year-old yellow lab, was a happy go-lucky dog who had never been sick a day in his life. To those who know him, “he’s a big, goofy guy that loves everyone he meets,” says his owner, Glenna Mockbee of Cincinnati, Ohio. It was that cheerful disposition that convinced… Read more »

Phoebe’s Story

Karen Less refers to Phoebe, her 11-year-old Basset Hound, as her “only child.” In 2006, she and her husband, Dale, adopted Phoebe when she was a year old from the Carolina Basset Hound Rescue in North Carolina. It was Phoebe’s third adoption. “Her other adopters found her too energetic,” says Karen…. Read more »

Gus’ Story

“Mender of Broken Hearts” Loves Everyone He Meets Maureen Kilgour of Alpine, Utah, has been taking Gus, an eight-year-old Golden Retriever, to visit adults and teenagers at Utah State Hospital through Therapy Animals of Utah, an affiliate of Pet Partners, since 2013. One of her nicknames for Gus is “Mender… Read more »

Officer Carr’s Story

“One of best things about having a police dog as your partner is you can have the best conversations in the world,” says Sergeant Jim Parks of Fort Morgan Police Department in Fort Morgan, Colorado, “You get to do all the talking, and your partner never argues back.” September 2016,… Read more »