Love Stories Category: Helping Heroes

Hawaii’s First Arson Dog, Kaimi

In 2008, Kaimi was nationally certified as the first accelerant detection canine in the state of Hawaii. Along with his handler, assistant fire chief Robert, they’ve helped the Hawaii Fire Department in nearly 300 arson cases and are getting set to retire at the end of 2019. [petco-story-quote] Back in… Read more »

Scarlett the Therapy Cat Helps Kids Improve their Reading Skills

After learning about pet therapy teams, high school senior Bella became interested in being part of a pet therapy team herself. [petco-story-quote] Although admittedly not all her pets were capable of the task, she knew her adopted cat Bella, from Nashville Cat Rescue, would make a great therapy cat because… Read more »

Service Dog Helps Navy Veteran Regain Independence

After retiring from service, Navy Veteran Alessandra was struggling with PTSD related symptoms and was having a hard time trusting people and leaving the house. “I wanted my life back,” said Alessandra. “I thought a service dog could help in terms of companionship or diversion.” [petco-story-quote] In an effort to… Read more »

Hank + Lloyd

Hank is a retired explosives detection dog from Kuwait. Lloyd is a Vietnam veteran who was a combat tracker, partnered with a Labrador. After the war, Lloyd had to leave his dog behind and it has haunted him for years. [petco-story-quote] Mission K9 learned that it was still common for military contract… Read more »

Dell the PTSD Service Dog

Dell, a lab mix, was wandering the streets before he found himself at a shelter in North Carolina. After a local organization identified that he had the characteristics sought for service dogs, he joined the training program with K9s for Warriors, an organization that saves shelter dogs, trains them for service… Read more »

Skye the Search & Rescue Dog

Skye, a high-energy Border Collie, was awaiting rescue in a South Dakota animal shelter. [petco-story-quote] Thankfully, someone recognized he needed a job. The Search Dog Foundation, an organization that trains rescued dogs and pairs them with first responders to find people buried alive in the wreckage of disasters, was called in to… Read more »

Finn the Therapy Dog

Before joining the UCLA Health People-Animal Connection (PAC) program, which brings therapy animals and hospital patients together, Finn, a Great Pyrenees/lab mix, was a stray. After passing the Delta Society’s (now Pet Partners) evaluation and registering as an animal-assisted therapy team, the duo started volunteering at the UCLA Health Ronald Reagan Medical Center. They… Read more »

Siri the Hearing Service Dog

Siri’s life changed when Service Dogs, Inc. found her in an animal shelter outside of Houston, TX, and immediately recognized her potential. After an evaluation to see if she would be a good fit for their program, Service Dogs, Inc. knew Siri would make an exceptional hearing service dog when… Read more »

Nikita the Sheriff K9 Officer

From the streets of San Juan, Puerto Rico, to a shelter in Massachusetts, Nikita had already come a long way when his small stature, playful personality and keen nose attracted the attention of the Worcester County Deputy Sheriff’s Office in West Boylston, MA. Nikita may have been overlooked by potential adopters, but… Read more »