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Dog’s Love of the Ocean Helps Adopter Heal

When Sophia’s mother passed away from cancer, the love of a little surfing puppy helped her heal, and became the last story she and her mother shared. [petco-story-quote] It was June of 2015 when my beloved dog Brian passed away at nearly 14 years old. I still remember the day… Read more »

Adopted Dog Helps Survivor Feel Safe Again

After surviving a violent crime, Natalie suffered from PTSD and depression. Then Mugsy the dog came along and helped Natalie heal. [petco-story-quote] My name is Natalie Johnson, and I’m a survivor of a violent crime. This is my story about a magnificent rescue dog named Mugsy who was given a… Read more »

For One Veteran, an Adopted Husky is the Path to Healing

Gary was battling PTSD and depression when he met a three-legged Husky named Trey, who helped him learn how to heal. [petco-story-quote] I had just come out of being released from an inpatient treatment for depression and suicidal ideology (and attempt). I was barely capable of taking care of myself… Read more »

Dog Inspires Adopter to Pursue New Lifesaving Career

Adopting Bijou inspired Izzy to help save the lives of other shelter pets. [petco-story-quote] Everyone says she has the best dog in the world—and everyone is right. When I first met Bijou, she was barking at me behind the bars of her kennel cage. A newly trained volunteer at City… Read more »

Dog with Neurological Disorder Finds the Perfect Family to Help Her Thrive

Tilly was born with a neurological disorder, but found the perfect pet parents to help her thrive. [petco-story-quote] Change is hard. I’m not sure I know many people who eagerly await big changes. Adopting a dog brings change: in our case, our dog has completely changed our lives. Adopting wasn’t… Read more »

Adopted Dog Saves Orphaned Kitten

An adopted dog pays it forward by helping a tiny kitten survive. [petco-story-quote] Recently engaged, with a new apartment and wedding planning in full swing, we walked up to the Coastal German Shepherd Rescue adoption event ready to add a little more chaos to our freshly started life together. Instead… Read more »

Adopted Greyhound Becomes a Beacon of Hope After Tragedy

A rescued Greyhound becomes a therapy dog, and works with her teen best friend to offer comfort and hope in the wake of the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. [petco-story-quote] I was inspired to adopt a Greyhound after watching a presentation on the dangers of Greyhound racing at… Read more »

Adopted Dog Shows Love, Loyalty, and Saves a Life

Isabelle was a shy adoptee who adapted to her new family by way of daily hikes. When her new dad was hit by a car on one of their walks, Issy’s bravery and tenacity helped save his life. [petco-story-quote] We almost didn’t adopt Isabelle (Issy). I first saw her picture… Read more »

Adopted Dog Inspires College Student to Work in Animal Welfare

As a college student, Marilyn started volunteering at an animal welfare organization and brought home a puppy named Ginny. That little dog led to a lifetime of work on behalf of animals, and helped Marilyn find a pack of her own. [petco-story-quote] I didn’t have much interaction with dogs until… Read more »

Adopted Pit Bull Tackles Her Fears and Challenges Stereotypes

Rescued from the country’s largest dog fighting bust, Frankie now inspires her family to overcome their fears and challenge stereotypes! [petco-story-quote] Meet Frankie the Flying Staffy! She flies on a private plane named after her, goes tubing at the lake, has a swimming pool she calls her own, and vacations… Read more »