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Adopted Kitten Saves His Mom’s Life

Shortly after adoption, Merrick’s meows woke his mom up when her blood sugar fell too low during sleep. [petco-story-quote] Back in November 2017, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. in which my body attacks and kills cells in my pancreas, and it is now unable to produce insulin. Also… Read more »

Adopted Kitten Heals Two Broken Hearts

After an enormous loss, Summer and her cat Oliver were devastated. Then they met Frankie, a kitten who purred and pounced her way into their lives and became their new family. [petco-story-quote] There isn’t a rule book telling you how to come back from losing your cousin, your aunt, and… Read more »

Time, Patience and Love Help Things Change

With time and tender loving care, Athena got a second chance at a happy life—and so did her mom, Rose. [petco-story-quote] It was about three in the morning when I found Athena. At the time, I was working nights for Amazon, packing box after box after box after box in… Read more »

Adopted Cat and Adopter Find their Differences Make Them the Perfect Match

Dylan’s experience with Asperger’s Syndrome helped him appreciate Lilly the cat for who she is. [petco-story-quote] Lilly wasn’t even on the list of cats that Anjellicle Cats Rescue hoped I would foster. She was at a level they called “experienced,” and I was anything but. I had been doing some… Read more »

Bottle Baby Kitten Helps Adopter Cope with Anxiety and Depression

Bottle baby kitten becomes the best friend Corissa needed, and helps her cope with anxiety and depression through snuggles, purrs, and companionship. [petco-story-quote] Let me first state that I love bottle babies. If an orphaned infant came into the shelter, I was the one to take them home until they… Read more »

Adoption Gave Bernadette the Cat a Chance to Be One of the Girls

Bernadette the cat snuggles her way into her two-legged sisters’ hearts, one sleepover at a time. [petco-story-quote] When I began volunteering for Tabby’s Place, I knew it would be hopeless to resist adopting one of their cats. There was an empty space in our house since my dear tortie Keebler… Read more »

Therapy Cat Brings Joy to Seniors and Students Alike

An adopted cat becomes a therapy pet and helps calm his patients with snuggles and purrs. From seniors to students, Jack B. Nimble wins hearts and brightens days. [petco-story-quote] Jack B. Nimble is a shelter rescue who grew up to be a therapy cat. Yes, there really are therapy cats—something… Read more »

Two Adopted Kittens Help Battle Depression with Purrs, Pounces and Love

Sydnee was battling depression and chronic pain when she rescued two feisty, loveable kittens. With their love and companionship, Luca and Rocco turned out to be just what the doctor ordered. [petco-story-quote] It’d been almost a year since my 15-year-old Pug mix had died when I began scrolling through the… Read more »

Wife’s Adopted Cat Melts Her Husband’s Heart

Kim’s husband Ed had two rules: no more cats in the house, and absolutely no cats on the bed. Then he met Buddy, who melted his heart and became part of the family.