All For Helping Heroes

Support Service, Working and Therapy Animals

From October 5 to October 27, join the Petco Foundation in supporting thousands of therapy, service and working animals who bravely dedicate their lives to helping people. The work that service, therapy and working animals do is nothing short of heroic, and this October we’re proud to support animals that dedicate their lives to saving and improving the lives of others. Help by donating at Petco stores and online.

Since 2012, thanks to your support, we’ve invested more than $14 million to support the life-changing work of helping heroes.

Scroll down to learn more about Helping Heroes and read stories of shelter pets whose lives were saved, and who in turn became helping heroes to others. These pets highlight the true potential of shelter pets and showcase the life-changing impact they bring to their communities and the world.

Service Animals

Service animals are trained to provide daily support for people with physical, neurological and mental health needs.

Meet Kota

Working Animals

Working animals are trained to perform a specific task. Often these animals have jobs like safeguarding military bases, search and rescue, and detecting arson.

Meet Jake

Therapy Animals

Therapy animals provide affection and comfort to people at places such as hospitals, senior living centers and schools.

Meet Scarlett

Hawaii's First Arson Dog

In 2008, Kaimi was nationally certified as the first accelerant detection canine in the state of Hawaii. Along with his handler, assistant fire chief Robert, they’ve helped the Hawaii Fire Department in nearly 300 arson cases and are getting set to retire at the end of 2019.

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