Schedule Your Check Presentation Celebration

Grant Award Presentation Coordination Form

Form used to gather information to schedule a check presentation event.
  • Congratulations on your recent grant award from the Petco Foundation! This form is designed so that we at the Foundation can support you in celebrating, recognizing and publicizing your award. Please complete this form and someone will be back in touch to coordinate your check presentation celebration!
  • In order to recognize your award and celebrate the Petco associates that make these grants possible, we would like to coordinate a check presentation event at your local Petco store or at one of your existing events. Please provide three dates that would work well for a check presentation event (must be at least 30 days out to allow for scheduling).
  • Please provide the contact information for the person at your organization who we should work with to coordinate your check presentation event:
  • Ahead of your check presentation event, we would like to work with your organization on a media release to notify the public of your award. Please provide the contact information for your organization’s media representative below. We ask that you plan to submit your press release or any other materials that mention the Petco Foundation for approval at least two weeks before you intend to publish them.
  • Please provide URLs for the following: